It’s no secret that healthy, engaged employees are good for business, translating to improved productivity and lower health and disability costs. But how do you put together a corporate wellness program that makes sense for both HR and employees?

Whether wellness is your passion or you simply want to help your employees lead healthier lives—we design strategic wellness programs to meet your objectives, fit your budget and sustain employee interest. We evaluate cost drivers, maximize carrier resources, negotiate wellness funds, and find the right outsource partner. Additionally, we will ensure your program is compliant with federal and state laws.

A basic wellness program can include a health fair, health assessments and onsite biometrics screenings. The plan can be expanded to incorporate fitness, nutrition, on-site classes, challenges and financial wellness. To motivate your employees, keep it fresh and fun with incentives—gift cards, time off, raffle items, and awards.  Build on these basics with premium incentives, reduced co-payments or employer contributions to an HSA or HRA.

Let’s get started on the road to better health together!