• Benefits Technology

Keller recognizes that many employers want to streamline benefits and HR administration, with the ability to update information quickly and reduce paperwork.

To assist our clients, we offer services for benefits technology solutions, including:

  •  Determining your benefit technology needs;
  •  Recommending the most suitable vendor; 
  •  Acting as liaison and support between the vendor and your staff; and 
  •  Maintaining and updating your online benefit content. 

We work with our clients to provide either no-cost or discounted benefits technology solutions. System capabilities range from a communications portal to online enrollment. Keller has relationships with several benefit technology vendors in order to meet each client's unique needs.

Should you require a more in-depth evaluation of your systems, including HRIS and payroll, Keller has retained the services of an independent technology firm that will diagnose your current capabilities, pinpoint gaps, and identify comprehensive solutions. These evaluation services are available to Keller clients free of charge.