• Employee Benefits Overview

You have questions. We have answers to help you navigate today’s complex benefits challenges. Keller specializes in developing cost-effective and compliant group health, welfare, fringe benefit and retirement plans.

Our services include:

Keller uses a dedicated team approach to best serve our clients. An experienced benefit consultant advises each Keller client, with the support of account managers and our in-house legislative compliance team. You receive timely expertise and insights through regular meetings, seminars, training workshops and legislative updates.

Our areas of expertise include:

  •  Medical, Drug, Dental & Vision Plans
  •  Consumer-Directed Health Plans
  •  Life & Disability Plans 
  •  Cafeteria/Flexible Benefit Plans
  •  Wellness Programs
  •  Long-Term Care Coverage
  •  Transportation Plans 
  •  Voluntary Plans
  •  Employee Assistance Plans
  •  International Coverage
  •  Business Travel Accident Plans 
  •  Statutory Disability Plans 
  •  Executive Compensation Plans
  •  Qualified Retirement Plans 

Your Keller team helps you build value and control costs. We take the time to understand your goals and priorities, exploring options and assessing the potential impacts to you and your employees.

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