This past week, the Maryland Senate and House held hearings on several bills that affect the qualified status of High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) and prevent Maryland employers and employees from contributing to HSAs.

Currently, Maryland’s Contraceptive Equity Act prevents plans from applying the deductible to male sterilization, which is not compatible with IRS rules for HDHPs. At the Senate and House committee hearings, Lynne Pettey, Deborah Berman, and Jennifer Wills testified in support of a bill to correct this problem.

A separate bill has been proposed that would prevent plans from applying the deductible to breast cancer screenings that are coded as diagnostic, which is also not compatible with IRS rules for HDHPs.  Adina Cohen worked with the House Delegate’s staff to create a friendly amendment that would ensure that HDHPs remain qualified, and testified with the Delegate’s panel in the House committee hearing. She expects to be testifying with the Senator’s panel at the committee hearing next week.

Keller continues to track legislation and work to preserve HDHPs and HSAs in Maryland for our clients and their employees.

In the photo, L-R, Maryland State Delegate Aruna Miller, of District 15 (Montgomery Co.), Mona Jaffe Rowe, Sr. Asst. to Del. Miller; Lori Yates and Sasha Lea from Komen Maryland, and Adina Cohen of Keller Benefit Services.