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White House Executive Order on Health Insurance AccessOctober 13, 2017On Thursday, October 12, 2017, the President signed an Executive Order directing the Departments of Labor, Treasury, and Health and Human Services to work on regulations that could provide health insurance options not currently allowed … read more
ACA Reporting UpdatesOctober 12, 2017The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandate for employers to offer affordable medical coverage to full-time employees was subject to several repeal efforts this year. Since the mandate was not repealed, penalties for noncompliance and … read more
IRS Confirms ACA Mandate Penalties in EffectAugust 21, 2017Under ACA mandates, there are IRS penalties on individuals who do not have health coverage and on large employers who do not offer health coverage to full-time employees. In January, the White House issued … read more