The IRS recently released Health Savings Account (HSA) and High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) limits for 2020.

Health Savings Accounts

For 2020, the HSA maximum annual contribution for self-only HDHP enrollment increases by $50 and family increases by $100.

Maximum Annual Contribution 2019 2020
Self-Only Enrollment $3,500 $3,550
Family Enrollment $7,000 $7,100
Catch-Up Age 55+ $1,000 $1,000

Note that the annual contribution limits are pro-rated for each month an employee is enrolled in an HDHP.

High Deductible Health Plans

In 2020, there will be slight increases in the HDHP minimum deductible and maximum out-of-pocket, as well as the ACA maximum out-of-pocket. Plans must comply upon renewal.

Deductible & Out-of-Pocket Limits 2019 2020
HDHP Minimum Deductible Self-Only $1,350 $1,400
Family $2,700 $2,800
Maximum Out-of-Pocket Self-Only $6,750 $6,900
Family $13,500 $13,800
ACA Maximum Out-of-Pocket Self-Only $7,900 $8,150
Family $15,800 $16,300

Note that the ACA’s maximum out-of-pocketĀ for self-only coverage applies to each covered individual, even if enrolled in HDHP family coverage. For more information about the ACA maximum out-of-pocket rule, please review 2016 HSA Limits & New Out-Of-Pocket Rule.

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