The DC Health Link was formed under the ACA as a state-based exchange to sell insurance to small employers and individuals. As mandated by DC, certain small employers must begin to use the DC Health Link to offer medical coverage to employees starting with plan renewal dates as of July 1, 2016. The requirement applies to DC-based employers with 2-50 employees (in the prior calendar year) offering non-grandfathered medical plans.

Use of the DC Health Link will change the way small DC employers offer medical coverage to employees and how employees select and enroll in the group medical plan. Keller will be assisting its affected clients with the new plan selection and enrollment process.

While Keller has lobbied for several years for the DC Health Link to be a voluntary option, as exchanges are in all other states, the DC Council ultimately decided to retain the mandatory requirement. As a result, Keller has been focusing our efforts on attempting to make the DC Health Link as employer-friendly as possible by participating all steering committees and providing extensive feedback to the Exchange board.

If your organization is affected, your Keller team has reached out to you with details. You may also access information regarding use and provisions of the DC Health Link, as of April 2016, here.

We will have additional information as our groups begin to renew through the system. Please contact your Keller account team with any questions.